Donka Angatscheva | Pianist

Childhood Memories


“Childhood Memories” will be available in selected stores and digital platforms, starting 18th of November 2022.

With this new CD album I am realising my dream of sharing piano pieces that have shaped me as a person and that have been with me throughout my entire childhood. Some of these unique arrangements have never been heard before – from Baroque to Romantic, Modern, Tango Nuevo to Morricone. The highlight of the CD is the first recording of the composition “Phantasie Hromantique” for piano and orchestra by the great Bulgarian composer Milen Kukosharov, which he created especially for this CD.

Also included are some arrangements for Piano and Orchestra by Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for the TV series “La piovra“, which have fascinated me during my childhood. I used to sit in front of the TV every night to watch these episodes. I adored the music and I would practice it during class breaks in music school. I‘ve been searching for the sheet music for a very long time without any success. Last year, quite coincidentally, I stumbled upon the name Armand Broshka, a violinist and arranger from Albania who had already posted some arrangements of this music on his website. I contacted him to tell him about my dream to record this music with piano and orchestra one day. In the end it was our shared enthusiasm and fascination of this music that made the creation of these arrangements possible. Per repeated listening I was able to write down some of the chords and voices, which Armand then completed. This was our ambitious work day by day, until finally I had the pleasure of bringing this piece to life with an orchestra.

Another highlight on this album is the Concert Eltude Nr. 3 “Un sospiro“ by Franz Liszt, which I have always admired. Although this is a piece for solo piano, I always imaged hearing wind instruments and strings. It was definitely a matter of luck that I found arranger Gerald Schuller from Vienna and that I managed to inspire him with my project.

He is the one who arranged the piece and made it sound so beautiful, as you can hear on this recording. Please accompany me on this journey to my artistic past and future and enjoy this breathtaking music!

Album produced under Hitsquad Records in Vienna –