Donka Angatscheva | Pianist

Piano Concertos

  • Warsaw Concerto

  • Concerto soiree - Can-can

  • Las cuatro estaciones portenas (The Four Seasons) - Primavera Portena


The three composers of the works selected for this recording represent, each in their own way, the synchronicity of the asynchronous during the twentieth century. These composers were contemporaries who experienced most of the century, and in particular the years surrounding the Second World War, as a formative musical period. While operating on the international stage, they spent their lives maneuvering between different musical spheres and in the shadow of a constantly reiterated critical disdain for their music, which straddled various aspects of entertainment culture whilst being commercially successful. The boundaries between these aesthetic and social worlds, as well as the characteristic features and clichés of the various musical genres therein, form the primary subject matter. Each of the three composers used them in their own way whilst embarking on a re-evaluation of aesthetically proscribed entertainment music.